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Only seven days left till the beginning of my Morocco trip 2018. In This blog entry I am going to list the things I have packed so far.

This is the first time that I have packed 95% of my stuff seven days ahead of a motorbike trip. That is due the fact that I am booked on a Ryanair flight to reach my destination – and they have crazy baggage guidelines. My tickets include one 20- kilo bag, one piece of  hand luggage weighing 10kg (55x40x20cm) and one small piece of hand luggage (35x20x20cm). As if this were not enough you have to mind what is allowed as cabin gaggage, as hand luggage and what is forbidden to take on a plane at all.

Alright, let’s start with the important stuff first – Motorcycle gear. My helmet is from Nolan and has an integrated sun visor which I will hopefully use the whole time in Morocco ;-). Jacket and trousers are from IXS and have a removable Gore-Tex inlay to survive minor rain showers. To protect my hands in the warm desert and the high Atlas mountains I use two pairs of gloves. My feet are protected by the Travel Star GTX boots from Daytona which are expensive but trustworthy in rain.

For the time I am not riding I have packed two underpants, two pairs of socks, two trousers (short one and a zip-off), two T-Shirts, one pullover and some lightweight boots. After many trips I have learned that I don’t need that many clothes because I will drive most of the time anyway. If something is dirty I can wash and dry it on the way.

Coming to the second most important stuff – tools. Apart from the common fact that the tools you need, you don’t usually carry, I have packed some nippers, Allen keys, nut runners and nuts, an electronic pump, a tyre repair kit, three tyre lever and of course Duck Tape and cable wire. All in all the tools weigh more than five kilos. If it is worthy to carry so many things I will know in three weeks. But better be prepared, especially when driving in unpopulated areas as Morocco can be.



With the same weight but in total far more place are reserved for my sleeping facilities – tent 3kg, sleeping bag 1kg and insulation mat 1kg. With these three items I am totally independent and it allows me to sleep anywhere I choose. The goal is to survive one night in the Sahara desert.

As I leave my cooking stuff and unneeded clothes at home, I can go for more electronic things. Mobile phone, action cam, selfie stick including tripod, Canon M3 system camera, tripod, powerbank and navigation system. I want to make some nice clips while riding motorbike and take a lot of good pictures.

After stowing all things into the bags and minding the regulations I have 19kg and 9kg to carry. My helmet will be my second hand luggage to keep it safe.

For sure some stuff will be added in the next seven days, like my headlight which couldn’t find today and of course some will be unintentionally left at home. I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Dear Peter, I wish you the best of luck on your journey through the Atlas mountains. Have fun, make a lot of experiences and be safe. All the Best Jannis

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