Morocco 2019 #tallmanonsmallbike (Part 1)

It was the second time for me in Morocco. But this year should be a bit different.

Owing to some off-road troubles, especially on sand, I decided to go for a smaller bike and also reduce the luggage carried.

My rental offered a Honda Tornado 250 ccm² for a reasonable price of € 44 per day – bikes are expensive to rent in Morocco too – and the deal was made.

The whole luggage fit in a 20 kg bag, my new Moskomoto Nomad tank bag and into my helmet. As I was to lazy before my departure, I checked the weather report just right before the flight and created a rough route for the next few days. The plan was to go west along the Atlas Mountains and up to Ifrane, then become south-east bound via Missour and Talsint to Merzouga where I would decide where to go next.

Arriving in Marrakesh was a lot easier than last year as I knew which bus to take, where the hostel was and how crowded the city is. The real journey could start.

After a few days/A few days later, I was, as planned, in the eastern region of Morocco south-east of Missour. There, I took a gravel road heading south which was, at first, in good condition. The road was getting ever smaller and now and then there were junctions without any signs. I had to stop more often to check on my smartphone if I was still on my track. This delayed my day-trip and as there was no camp ground closeby, I had to take a Hotel in Talsint. In the next morning I passed by the city’s petrol station which should be a mistake I had to regret later in the day. Almost at the end of a larger off-road section I got stopped by a local asking for fuel. As I wasn’t sure how much fuel I had left myself (because the speedometer of the bike was broken from the beginning) I did not want to help him and drove on. Just a few kilometres later my bike began to stutter and I had to turn on the reserve. A brief glance on my maps showed no petrol station – so I drove on with a bad feeling – I would deal with it once the bike stops …

More in the next article coming soon.

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